2007 Schedule


Aurora Area Apple Core!

Welcome to the Cyber-space of the
Metropolitan Chicago's only all-Apple II User Group,
the Aurora Area Apple Core!

While other user groups in the Chicago suburbs combine Apple II with Mac enthusiasts, we are still discovering all the things an Apple II can do, and the fun you can still have with computing. Here we speak only Apple II ! (tho some of our members will tell you that a Macintosh makes a great accessory for an Apple II!)

The AAAC meetings in 2007 will generally be held either on Thursday evenings or Saturday mornings. Dates and times will be variable depending on member schedules. Contact one of our officers for more information. Membership is open to all persons interested in the Apple II and in developing their use through the exchange of ideas and information. We invite the public to join us and find out what you can still do with a "vintage" computer platform. Membership is $25.00/year per family.

We feature users from a variety of backgrounds and expertise to help each other with computing questions and problems. We also have a club Public Domain Library, as well as access to an extensive library of files found on-line with various commercial services and legitimate FTP sites.

A portion of each meeting is set aside for a program or demonstration. In 2007 we'll look into some of the tricks that the Apple II can do, from graphics to online experiences. Join us as we continue to celebrate II Infinitum!

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(The Aurora Area Apple Core, Inc. ("AAAC") is a non-profit organization incorporated under the laws of the State of Illinois.)

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