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On-line Support

The Apple II is well supported on the internet. The most comprehensive website for the Apple II with links to multiple sources of information for Our Favorite Computer can be found at

Formally the Center of the Apple II Universe, Syndicomm now focuses on software development and sales of Apple II-related software and hardware. Information about Syndicomm can be found at

Find out what's going on in the Apple II world. Chat with friends. Download Apple II software. Locate Apple II resources. It's all there at! Check it out at


Computer Shows

For around 20 years, the AAAC helped staff an information table at the oldest, and best-run Computer Show in the Chicagoland area. Recently, the Show has suspended operations, but may hold events again in the future. To see when and where these shows might be, contact the folk at the Great Midwest Computer Show:



AAAC Apple Users On The 'Net

If you'd like more information about the AAAC, please contact us here or one of our "online" members below:

Bill Swiss - President
Greg Martin - Vice-President
Dan McDermott - Newsletter Editor
Frank Bihlmayer - Software Librarian --- IN MEMORIAM 1927 - 2007
Rory McMahon - Secretary
Howard Katz - Treasurer & Computershow Coordinator
Fred Kraus, Jr.
Bob Michael
Glen Schultz
Steve Rahn
George Murphy
Lyle Syverson

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