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2007 Schedule


When's The Meeting?

Dates for meetings will vary from month to month, so contact us for current information.

January Getting Online What are the options for getting your Apple II online? We'll discuss the different ways, from modems to ethernet on the 21st. Contact us for directions to the meeting.

February Good 'Ol AppleTalk AppleTalk is the original networking method for the Apple II and Mac--and it can be done in a variety of ways and different computers. Join us in exploring some different ways of doing this. (This meeting may be held in Park Ridge)


Connectivity Hardware Following up from last month, there are lots of ways to get your Apple II connected to the internet, and we'll explore some options, including the Uther Apple II ethernet card, the LANceGS card, serial/unix setups, or plain old dialup using Foxvalley Internet's shell account system for example.

April Apple II Archiving You've got tons of floppy disks, and that brand-new storage device. What's the best way to archive all your files, both short-term and long-term?

May Rockford Bound It's always a good outing when we head to Rockford for a demonstration High Above The Rock River. Contact us for details regarding the trip.

June What Will Rory Do? He hasn't decided what yet for 2007, but Rory promises that he'll treat us all to a great A2 demonstration!

July & August Vacation Time! No Meetings while we're out playing in the sunshine, or attending KFest at it's new home!!

September File Transfers and Emulation Apple II emulation offers a way of doing quick file transfers and we'll look into how to set up your computers to do this.

October Music Please, Maestro! When it's time to relax, a little music always helps. Our resident juggler and music Master will demonstrate various options for making music with the Apple II.

November Where's that hidden gold? Need more reasons to take a break? How about playing a few games on your II?

December Party We'll have a club holiday party and our planning session (PIZZA!)