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The webpage for the Aurora Area Apple Core contains images for those poor souls who've never seen the computers that comprise the Apple II family. It also contains an original Apple II Infinitum graphic.

For the rest of us, if you have a graphics viewer available to you, you might be interested in taking a look at the graphics we're using:

A reminder for Lynx users: after you highlight the download link, remember to hit "d" to download the graphic. Just hitting "return" may or may not generate an error message from the server.

The Apple II Family

AppleIIGSThe last full Apple II made by Apple.Corp. Hit "d" to download a GS!

The Apple //cThe portable member of the Apple II family Hit "d" to see a //c!

The Apple //eThe 8-bit desktop standard of the // line. Hit "d" for the //e graphic!

The ImageWriter IIThe workhorse printer of the II line. Hit "d" to see the printer!

Other Images on this WebSite

The page buttons aren't listed here, since we can't imagine anyone would be interested in viewing a button. However, the other graphics we use may be of interest. They are:

Aurora Area Apple CoreThe header for the AAAC webpage Hit "d" to get our very own logo!

Apple II Infinitum!Apple II Forever! is a phrase we still use. This original graphic was created by a sympathetic IBM user named Michele Bevins just for us Apple II people. Hit "d" to say Apple II Forever!

Lynx CompatibleYou're already using Lynx--here's what the graphics folk see to know it CAN be done! Hit "d" to see graphics lynx!

Viewable on a REAL Apple II!The name says it all. This graphic, created by Nathan Mates proclaims that an Apple II can easily view webpages. Hit "d" to see the Apple II view!

A2Central We consider it a "badge of honor" to display the A2Central Webpage's official badge. hit "d" for the graphic that says it's "100% Apple II!"

Syndicomm A2Central's parent, Syndicomm has it's own logo too. hit "d" to view Our Home website.

A2 Web The "Mother" of all Apple II info, the A2Web has it all. hit "d" for the graphic that says it's really" Web Compatible!"

Apple II WebringThe AAAC is a proud member of the Apple II webring. Click on the link/graphic residing on our HOME page for more information about the Ring. Hit "d" to view the Ring!

Rainbow Apple Logo This is the "rainbow Apple" Logo that Apple.Corp used to put on all of their machines.Hit "d" to go to the Rainbow!

WebWorks GSThese pages were either made or modified using WebWorks GS, an HTML editor that runs on an Apple II GS. WebWorks GS was written by Eric Shepherd, and is offered as a shareware package. For more information, hit the WWGS link on our main webpage, or go to http://www.sheppyware.net/products/a2/wwgs/">.Hit "d" see WebWorks GS!